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Frequently Asked Questions

What guest size we cater to?

A. We do intimate dinners from 2-100 people for our fine dining service and do catering for up to 500 guests plus, I.e weddings, funerals, corporate and private events.

Can you mix and match from our menus?

A. Yes you can, some changes and alterations or additions may incur an extra cost

Booking in advance

A.2 weeks notice generally, if we are fully booked but we understand something may happen and one events can be last minute we’d require 3-5 days. Anything that requires shorter notice will incur a rush fee depending on the timeframe given

Travel distance

A. We travel all over the Uk and abroad, fees will be quoted once full information of what you require is given.


A. British, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, African, Caribbean, Greek, Turkish, American is  the base of what we do but if you email us your preferences we can tailor menus to your needs and requirements.

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