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Chef Deji

Deji Babatunde is a private celebrity Chef, as seen on TasteMade (renowned TV channel). Coalescing the African arts with various European and Asian styles into his food, which is currently being sought after internationally.

Working with families, brands and various corporations over the 5+ years, whether it's for a special occasion like a birthday or wedding. Helping a director relax away from set days with their family or help ensure athletes have the key nutrition for game day and most importantly recovery. 

We offer private, personal chef service and culinary lessons and aspire to continue building a company that brings culinary art to the world while inspiring the younger generation and seasoned minds to embrace food in many ways.

Our Aim is to build a brand that's both present in the UK, Africa and the US to start as well as Europe and Asia, through our food, education and literature all around what we all love in food the art, the tingling of all senses and the indulgent satisfaction it brings too.


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