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Che Deji

About Deji


Born and raised in Hackney, East London, on a council estates, Deji looking through his mums cooking books and recipe cards from catalogues, Deji found an admiration for how the food of various cuisines looked amazing in pictures and were tasty to look at. Wondering how Nigerian food could be presented like this. He explored food and was presented with opportunity to delve into the science at 6 years old.


One day when Deji was playing football downstairs against the walls with friends, Deji asked his mum out of breath from running up the stairs "Where's my food?" that was not received well, mum's response was You will never have to ask for food for food because you will learn from today. 

Deji enjoyed this time with his mum as she worked a lot, so this bonding time sparked his love for cooking and learning about food hooked him, from this moment he learnt to cook make mistakes and make them loudly like using a whole scotch bonnet to make bolognese. Deji's journey with food had begun and it was about to be a ride of a lifetime.

BBQ & Cookouts

Deji fell in love with art of charcoal fire and meats through learning through tv show license to grill by Rob Rainford on Food Network TV. Deji took what he learnt to take over every bbq he thought wasn't doing so well. Leading to his first gigs doing bbqs at 16 and catering to friends birthdays. Making people happy through food was fulfilling. Cookouts followed and Deji didn't charge anything but for groceries. This was his culinary and the joy of others.


Years passed and although the love remained his first child was en route so corporate route was the safest route while writing and performing poetry was also a passion. One had to give, in order for Deji's true love and passion to arise, 8 years on Deji embarked on his journey with food, hosting pops in East London, selling out events and creating a buzz, leading to being headhunted by a private chef agency Chef X Change, putting Deji in the houses and mansions of public figures in politics, media and Fin Tech across the country. Unbeknown to him Tastemade's US Head of Production was also, trying to get Deji on their platform, which lead to a 6 part series for Tastemade UK.


Fast forward to present day and Deji has become chef to Premier League Professionals, CEOs, film directors, artists and many of his followers on instagram, X (formerly Twitter) and TikTok. This has taken Deji to Europe, Africa and the Caribbean.

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