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Suya Calamari

-crispy squid marinated in suya spice, served on a bed of watercress,  ewedu vinaigrette and aioli


Spicy Carmel

-jollof couscous, with sautéed mushrooms, red onions, kale, tomato stew and fresh herbs.  (Vegan)


King Prawn x Plantain Crostini

-fresh herb infused king prawns with sweet peppers, plantain on toasted bloomer


Seafood Pepper Soup

-gently poached scallops, king prawns and sea bream with a pepper soup broth 


Seared Scallops

-served with cherry tomato jam and aioli


Honey Jerk Wings or Breast

-with mango x pepper salsa



Trio platter

-Ayamashe (Vegan), Gizadodo, Ackee x Saltfish with toasted hard dough bread


Winter’s Summer Soother

-spicy Soup with grilled yam, plantain and mixed beans (Vegan)



Rich & Creamy Mac n Cheese bites



Chicken and King Prawn Kebabs

w/ honey chilli dip


Suya Salmon and King Prawn Trio Tomato Salad


Chilli Plantain Fritters

-melt in your mouth deep fried plantain goodness


Coconut King Prawn Curry

-with fragrant cinnamon rice and fried plantain



Rum infused Grilled Salmon

-with sautéed potatoes and kale and spinach



Jerk Red Wine Duck

-with Jamaican sweet potato puree and sautéed veg



Lamb and Chicken Ayamashe

with rice ‘n’ peas or plain rice x plantain and coleslaw



Sea bass on a spicy beach

-grilled sea bass with jollof couscous, plantain boats and tomato chutney

Sea bass with Deconstructed Egusi

-pan fried sea bass marinated in fresh dill, served with creamy yam and spinach mash, honey dew melon wine sauce and egusi oil.


Red Wine Oxtail

-with rice of your choice, coleslaw x plantain



Mixed Beans Salsa x Roast Spiced Sweet Potato x Grilled Plantain  (Vegan)



Okra Palm Oil Soup

-with poundo yam balls, grilled okra x wild mushrooms (Vegan)




Yam, Efo Riro x Plantain (Vegan)

-yam cooked 3 ways with spinach and tomato stew with plantain boats



-chin chin chocolate cheesecake w/raspberry and mango coulis


Boozy Apple and Mango Crumble 

-amaretto infused apples and mango baked with a cinnamon biscuit crumble.



Strawberry Chocolate Lychee

-white chocolate sponge with lychee ice cream, spiced strawberry gel


Mango and Papaya Sorbet

-frozen pureed mango and papaya


Triple Chocolate Tart

-served with cream and vanilla ice cream


Plantain Fritters 

-deef fried sweet plantain fritter with caramel brittle with cream and chocolate shavings

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