Suya x Jerk (Collections, E5 London) 

DATE 31st JaN 6-9pm & 1st FeB 3-9PM

Platters (*SUYA contains nuts*)

(all platters come with jollof rice or rice and peas or half and half)

served in large containers 

Suya x Jerk (Meat)

Honey Jerk Wings x Suya Beef Steak 


Suya x Jerk (Seafood)

Honey Jerk Salmon x Suya Calamari x Suya King Prawns


Suya x Jerk (Wings)

Suya Spiced Wings  x Honey Jerk Wings


Suya x Suya

Suya King Prawns x Suya Beef Steak



(Grills only)

Suya Wings £8 (R) £10 (L)

Suya Beef £10 (R) 

Suya King Prawns  £15


Honey Jerk Wings £8 (R) £10 (L)

Jerk King Prawns £15


Just a little added something to add to the flavours

Mac n Cheese £7

Coleslaw £3

Potato Salad £3

Fried Plantain £3


Coming Soon...2020

Caramel Tart

Apple x Mango Crumble

Chin Chin Chocolate Cheesecake

Sweet Plantain Fritters 

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